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ChemWatch is uniquely suited for:


University, Government, & Research Laboratories

The large number of chemicals found on university campuses and in government research laboratories pose special challenges to safety managers. Only ChemWatch can provide the range of updated SDSs, research information, and chemical management tools for full and easy compliance.

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Industrial EHS Managers

ChemWatch is currently assisting thousands of small single sites and large global corporations with their SDS and document management. Whether you have 500 or 50,000 chemicals, ChemWatch will obtain, update, extract data, and set up individual folders for easy of compliance and training.

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Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Biotech Manufacturers

Only ChemWatch includes the large and constantly updated multi-lingual database of flavors, research chemicals, toxic and infectious substances and viruses that help us serve these specialty industries. ChemWatch also authors product SDS for global compliance in these highly technical areas.

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Emergency Responders

Chemical Emergency Services

The largest fire departments in the US and the world turn first to ChemWatch to manage hazardous materials incidents. ChemWatch provides unique PPE and site management data as well as medical, first aid and transport advice – all in multiple languages. Our database ranges from warfare agents to industrial supplies and toxic substances. It is known and respected by cities, counties, national governments and military.

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