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The Complete (M)SDS and Chemicals Management Solution

A tool created from experience and the combined expertise of 150 Specialists.

More than 300,000 independently researched and reviewed chemical (M)SDSs. Each ChemWatch Gold (M)SDS includes details not generally provided by manufacturers, and offers your company the ability to generate fully customizable reports on the various properties of the chemicals on your site or in each individual lab.

GHS Compliance

GHS Compliance is a hot topic these days, and it is equally important to meet local compliance regulations. Every ChemWatch Gold (M)SDS can be viewed in a variety of formats at the click of a button, including GHS, REACH, EU, Chinese, and others, helping your organization to become locally and globally compliant.

Learn more about the history and status of GHS requirements.
View a ChemWatch Gold SDS in GHS Format
View a ChemWatch Gold (M)SDS in Local US English Format

Mini (M)SDS

One-page summary sheets are also available for every chemical with a Gold (M)SDS. We call the summary sheet a “Mini MSDS”. View an example below.
View a Mini (M)SDS for Chlorine


Every Gold (M)SDS can be viewed in 47 languages with the click of a button, and this number is always growing! This ensures that ChemWatch is the (M)SDS solution for any global organization. As an example, see the link below to view a Gold (M)SDS in Spanish.
View a ChemWatch Gold (M)SDS in Spanish


“The Collection” of Vendor (M)SDS Documents

More than 13 million supplier (M)SDS documents can be found by name, manufacturer, CAS number, synonym, and revision date.

If the vendor sheet you need cannot be found in ChemWatch, we will add it for you, free of charge!




Occupational Exposure Limits

Transportation Codes (DG/DOT)

National Inventories


Environmental Studies and statistics

Peer-reviewed, reputable journals

Access available to Galleria Chemica, the List of Lists.