Customer Testimonials

Sarah Martin
University of the Sciences – Department of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety
“I have been using ChemWatch’s MSDS program for years now and it has always met every aspect of my work needs as well as the needs of my facility as a whole. The program is user friendly and easy to train others on, which is another aspect of my job. They are up-to-date on regulatory requirements and keep MSDS information accurate with regards to content as well as format. I have never come across an MSDS they did not have in their data base, and it is reassuring that I can count on that during an emergency. They also have made my yearly regulatory reporting easier. They offer a unique system at a price that has always been affordable and worth it. I cannot even begin to say enough good things about their customer service from the first day I signed up until now. Thank you, ChemWatch!”
Leslie York-Hubbard
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
“I have been using Chemwatch on the job for at least 10 years and find it one of the most invaluable resources in the Safety and Chemical Hygiene occupation. As many in the industry know, vendor MSDS’s are vague at best, but the Chemwatch MSDS’s provide thorough, pertinent chemical safety information that allow safety professionals to make educated decisions concerning the safety of personnel. For researchers and safety personnel alike, the ability to access not only such a large breadth of chemical MSDS’s in one location, but also short and long versions, allows for time saving, comprehensive chemical research to be performed.

Additionally, ease of access and reliability is imperative in everyday routine chemical safety research, but crucial in a chemical incident situation. Chemwatch delivers quick access to targeted MSDS information such as notes to physicians, which is very beneficial for emergency response.

The great customer service is another aspect that certainly puts Chemwatch at the top. They are very responsive to inquiries and questions, flexible, and interested in meeting the specific needs of the customer. I would recommend this program to anyone who has to deal with chemical safety on the job.”