Emergency Reports

Response Recommendations and Emergency Reports

Emergency Reports

Each (M)SDS contains information about how one should respond to a fire, spill, or other chemical emergency. These recommendations are very detailed and give EHS personnel and responders a wealth of information, such as protective gear guidelines, remediation and decontamination advice, and health hazards based on amount of chemical exposure.

Pull up a Gold (M)SDS for Chlorine and then use the guidelines below to see examples of these recommendations as they appear on the SDS.

View section 4 of the SDS to see an example of the First Aid Recommendations.

View section 5 of the SDS to see an example of Fire-Fighting Recommendations.

View section 6 of the SDS to see recommendations for Major or Minor Chemical Spills.

Multi-lingual Emergency Response

Every Gold (M)SDS is color-coded for easy identification of hazard level, and can be viewed in 47 languages with the click of a button. Among other things, this allows first responders to print out and provide first aid and health information in communities where English may not be the primary language spoken.

All Gold SDSs, all emergency reports, and one-page summary sheets can be printed, saved, or e-mailed in any language for quick and easy hazard communication.
View a full-length ChemWatch Gold (M)SDS in Spanish
View a Mini (M)SDS in Spanish
View a First Aid Report in Spanish

Search for Chemicals by Trade Names

ChemWatch authors (M)SDS for manufacturers globally. Chemicals are also indexed by their trade names and synonyms, allowing for quick and easy searching.

Hard-to-find Chemical Information

Our loyal customers routinely provide feedback saying that using ChemWatch they were able to find information on obscure chemicals which they were not able to find elsewhere.

Available on the Web or on disk

EHS Directors and Emergency Responders appreciate the fact that ChemWatch offers access to all of their Gold (M)SDS documents on a USB Drive, which can be loaded on any desktop or laptop computer. This allows them to access vital chemical information even without an internet connection.