Barcode Inventory Management - SISOT

Complete Chemical Assets Management

Scan In & Scan Out Technology

Assets Management applied to Chemicals

We introduce SiSoT as a convenient tool for your inventory management. SISoT uses barcode scan-in scan-out technology. Individual chemical containers may now be easily tracked throughout your organization.

In addition to all that you would expect from an Assets Management tool, the SiSoT module also covers:

  • Stocktake and Reconciliation
  • Receiving Workflows
  • Transfers of Chemical Assets with full audit trail
  • Incompatibility Check on container transfer
  • Container Status (surplus, waste, trash, disposal)
  • Store Management
  • Use of “unique” barcodes
  • Rule-based barcode generator
  • Barcode label template generator
  • Support for pre-printed labels
  • Action Barcodes (automation of actions using “barcodes” instead of “clicks”)
  • Advanced forms to capture intrinsic detail about containers