(M)SDS Authoring for the World

Author (M)SDS in the Cloud in less then 5 minutes drawing from a library of 300,000 Substances, 30,000 phrases in 47 languages and 100,000 Rules!

With AuthorITe, companies can produce their own (M)SDSs in-house, with minimum staff and maximum quality.

As a module within the ChemWatch database, AuthorITe pulls information about each of the substances you add to your mixture, ensuring that your custom (M)SDS documents are thorough and up to date. AuthorITe allows you to translate your (M)SDS documents in 47 different languages, and to produce documents in varying formats, depending on regional requirements. Through ChemWatch, AuthorITe can access over 900 regulatory lists, to help ensure that you are meeting international compliance requirements.

AuthorITe is an easy to use and complete program that provides the quickest and most cost effective tool to write and update your (M)SDSs for a local or global market.

AuthorITe (M)SDS:

  • Are created in less than 5 minutes
  • Are available in 47 languages
  • Conform to World-Wide Regulatory Requirements, such as GHS, REACh, Japanese, KOSHA, Australian, New Zealand, USA ANSI Z400, WHIMIS, etc.

AuthorITe comes with:

  • More than 300,000 fully classified substances
  • Phrase library of over 250,000 phrases in 47 languages
  • Live-link to Regulatory Database (Galleria Chemica)
  • C&L – Query the most prevalent classification in the C&L inventory from the 3.5 million notifications submitted to ECHA. Automatically add them against your ingredients.
  • REACH USES – Use the ECHA use descriptor system to identify uses of your product with ease. Ensure compliance by communication of uses up and down the supply chain.
  • Toxicity and Irritation – Add your own Tox, Ecotox and Irritation data. Automatically generate Classifications and M-Factors based on GHS/CLP rules. All ECHA Dossier data now available to capture newest Classifications.
  • Auto-calculation for Respirators and Glove Selection
  • DG & UN Number Prediction algorithms
  • Automatic Update functionality when regulation changes
  • Optional Emergency Response Service in 150 languages, 24/7

AuthorITe links seamlessly to other ChemWatch modules. You may distribute (M)SDS created in AuthorITe immediately to your clients using Outback, an optional add-on to your AuthorITe subscription.