Vendor (M)SDS Management

In an industry filled with companies who manage “paper” ChemWatch stands above the crowd by managing your chemicals. Hazard Communication is a global need and ChemWatch manages it from start to finish. We begin with the largest database of manufacturer and supplier (M)SDSs in the world. With your subscription every one of these 23 million documents is at your fingertips. If, by chance, you have a product that is not in our database, we will add it to the collection for free.

ChemWatch can create site-specific folders of your (M)SDSs for easy access and chemical tracking. You can manage (M)SDSs by location, by owner, by department, or any criteria that make sense for your company. Once the (M)SDSs are in your folders, we will keep them updated and notify you when it is done. ChemWatch also provides an online tool where you can track the status of all of your (M)SDS submissions.

More features:

  • Assign your own part numbers or names to chemicals or mixtures.
  • Search for chemicals by CAS number, chemical name, synonyms, vendor name, or vendor part number.
  • “Track” chemicals locally or corporately. Find all sites where a chemical is stored.
  • Create security profiles to allow or restrict access rights to specific folders.
  • Receive Faxback services – when your internet connection is down we will fax you the (M)SDSs you need from your folder or from the full database.


(M)SDS Alerts – At your request, ChemWatch can e-mail you whenever an (M)SDS is added to or updated within your folder.

Chemical Alerts – ChemWatch can provide you monthly or quarterly reports when a substance of interest changes its status on any International Regulatory list.

Tracking – Locate all of your sites or folders containing an (M)SDS or product.

Links to ERP and OHS systems – Our databases are “portable”.

Folder Export – Create files of all of the products listed in a site folder.

Report Generator – ChemWatch has a generator built into the program which provides data extraction from any of the 300,000 ChemWatch Gold (M)SDSs.