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Codeine not safe for kids, doctors warn  full article

Chemicals in indoor dust tied to antibiotic resistance  full article

Africans choking on toxic fuel in health ‘ticking time bomb’: lobby group  full article

Our water is full of drugs and we don’t know their effects  full article

Attack of the plastic eaters: Can mushrooms, bacteria and mealworms save the planet from pollution?  full article

Study estimates 100,000 deaths from Indonesia haze  full article

‘Thermal metamaterial’ innovation could help bring waste-heat harvesting technology to power plants, factories  full article

Scientists create resonator with nanoscale features to detect dangerous chemicals in the environment  full article

New big data approach predicts drug toxicity in humans  full article

Australia settles six years after Barrier Reef marine accident  full article

Toxic chemicals in household dust linked to cancer and infertility  full article

Nanoplasters get cells into sticky situation  full article

Russian nickel company takes blame for ‘river of blood’  full article

MOF traps molecules that gum up bioethanol production  full article

High potassium levels silence T cells in tumours  full article

It Came From Beneath: Detecting and Mitigating Vapour Intrusion  full article

Deakin University scientists closing in on ‘exercise pill’  full article


Consultants ‘exploiting gaps’ in REACH data-sharing regulation  full article

List of substances with lead registrants available  full article

ECHA recommends authorising critical continued uses of chromium trioxide under strict conditions  full article

Updated harmonised classifications for 48 substances  full article


Regulatory Ecotoxicity Testing of Nanomaterials – Proposed Modifications of OECD Test Guidelines Based on Laboratory Experience with Silver and Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles  full article

Do code of conduct audits improve chemical safety in garment factories? Lessons on corporate social responsibility in the supply chain from Fair Wear Foundation  full article

Aerobic Fitness and Neurocognitive Function Scores in Young Faroese Adults and Potential Modification by Prenatal Methylmercury Exposure  full article

Online Information about Harmful Tobacco Constituents: A Content Analysis  full article

Assessment of metals in cosmetics commonly used in Saudi Arabia  full article

Knowledge about Chemicals in e-Cigarette Secondhand Vapour and Perceived Harms of Exposure among a National Sample of U.S. Adults  full article

Determining exhaust fumes exposure in chainsaw operations  full article

The Mayak Worker Dosimetry System (MWDS-2013): Plutonium Binding in the Lungs-An Analysis of Mayak Workers  full article

Lead Exposure in Military Outdoor Firing Ranges  full article

Oxidative toxic stress in workers occupationally exposed to ceramic dust: A study in a ceramic manufacturing industry  full article

Australian work exposures studies: occupational exposure to pesticides  full article

Effects of long-term endocrine disrupting compound exposure on Macaca mulatta embryonic stem cells  full article

Correlation between antibodies to bisphenol A, its target enzyme protein disulfide isomerase and antibodies to neuron-specific antigens  full article

Gamma radiation at a human relevant low dose rate is genotoxic in mice  full article

An Unusual Case of Suicide Attempt Using Intravenous Injection of Kerosene  full article

Prediction of carcinogenic potential of chemicals using repeated-dose (13-week) toxicity data  full article

Developmental toxicity of the common UV filter, benophenone-2, in zebrafish embryos  full article

Spatial and temporal variability in the potential of river water biofilms to degrade p-nitrophenol  full article

Impairment of reproduction of adult zebrafish (Danio rerio) by binary mixtures of environmentally relevant concentrations of triclocarban and inorganic mercury  full article

Marine environment pollution: The contribution of mass spectrometry to the study of seawater  full article

Complete Defluorination of Perfluorinated Compounds by Hydrated Electrons Generated from 3-Indole-acetic-acid in Organomodified Montmorillonite  full article

Janet’s Corner

The Chemist’s Glass  full article

Hazard Alert

n-Hexane  full article

Regulatory Update

Plastics in contact with food Regulation Annexes I and II amended  full article

Reference doses for industrial use of cobalt salts  full article

Grouping of brominated flame retardants  full article

EU supplementing regulation on food for special purposes  full article

ISO Publishes Standard for Compilation and Description of Sample  full article

Issuance of China’s New Chemical Notification Guidance to Be Delayed  full article

Deadline for TSCA Chemical Data Reporting Extended to 31 October 2016  full article

Chemical Listed Effective 30 September 2016 as Known to the State of California to Cause Cancer: Furfuryl Alcohol  full article

New and Expanded Anti-Harassment Legislation Takes Effect in Ontario  full article

Canada considers new regulatory scheme for self-care products  full article

TGA consultation on Poisons Standard—including pentobarbitone  full article

New guide to managing risks of carcinogenic chemicals in the workplace  full article

EPA consultation on proposed hazardous substances rule changes  full article

Consultation on Stockholm persistent organic pollutants and Rotterdam chemicals  full article

Japan MHLW Issues Warning on Increased Bladder Cancer Risk Associated with MOCA  full article


What you eat when you’re sick may determine if you’ll get better  full article

Chronic stress increases level of a protein that decreases availability of mood-regulating chemical  full article

Could turmeric really boost your health?  full article

Contraceptive Pill Could Help Recovery From Flu  full article

Too little sleep, or too much, linked to risk of heart disease  full article

Study shines a light on low winter-time male libido  full article

Size is everything when it comes to high blood pressure  full article

Here’s Something You’ve Never Experienced If You’re Under The Age Of 40  full article

Here’s why you can’t see all 12 black dots in this crazy optical illusion  full article

Long daytime naps are ‘warning sign’ for type-2 diabetes  full article

Alcohol’s Toll on the Heart: Bigger, Not Better  full article

Sugar Industry Tried to Bias Heart Research, Study Says  full article

Tracking technology shows some individual colour-sensing cells in the eyes do not help us see colour  full article

Quantum Living: Join The Mitochondrial Epigenetics Revolution: Turn on Your Powerhouse Potential with Intracellular Respiration And Exercise  full article

Memory of a heart attack is stored in our genes  full article

More evidence backs transposon theory of aging  full article

Scientists have just bred live mice without using fertilised eggs  full article

Are cat cafes good for cats?  full article

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