ChemWatch Products and Services

ChemWatch is an international organization of more than 150 programmers, scientists, trainers, and support personnel who have, for over two decades, developed and maintained the largest and most comprehensive chemical database and chemical management system available. ChemWatch is used by several thousand global chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other companies as well as governments, laboratories, hospitals and universities worldwide.In addition to maintaining and updating a database of more than 23 million supplier (M)SDSs, ChemWatch also maintains a global regulatory List of Lists (more than 1000 lists), authors about 30,000 unique client (M)SDSs each year in 47 languages and formats, provides 24/7 multi-lingual global chemical emergency response phone services and provides chemical alerts as part of our Hazard Communication services.

Finally, and of particular importance, ChemWatch maintains a database of independently researched and written “Gold” (M)SDS that are available in 47 languages and all common formats including ASNI, ILO, GHS, and REACH. Here is a closer look at our products and services.


ChemWatch Products

AuthorITe (M)SDS Authoring Software
The “In the Cloud” (M)SDS authoring product. Linked to data, algorithms, regulations, languages and formats. This is the lowers cost and most efficient method for creating globally compliant (M)SDSs in multiple languages and formats including GHS and REACH.
The ChemWatch Suite
Galleria Chemica
Outback Hosting Software

ChemWatch Services

(M)SDS Management
Our team will manage your (M)SDSs. We can create site folders, and can add, acquire, update, and alert you to changes in (M)SDSs. We can also provide chemical advice prior to product purchases.
Emergency Response
(M)SDS Authoring and Label Design
Regulatory Alerts