IT Requirements

Client Side System Requirements

The following are suggested configuration steps that will optimize the use of Chemwatch’s new BackPack, GoldFFX and Cobra/Coshhpliant applications:

1. Allow the following host names:

2. Allow all cookies and java scripts from the above list of host names.

3. We also cater for the HTTPS access using SSL certificate for the domain, so this is something you can have set up if you prefer for all of their web data transmission to be encrypted. So, you can use the HTTPS access instead of HTTP, for example,

4. Supported web browsers are: IE 8 or higher, Firefox 16 or higher on Windows platform. Mac support has been provided for its Mozilla Firefox browser only. You can check your browser and other platform related configurations from Note that if using IE and its compatibility mode is turned on then please make a special mention of that to us so that we can direct you to the appropriate site specially designed to cater for it.

5. A PDF reader: such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Sometimes these may give trouble, especially if a browser upgrade has been made after the plug ins were installed for the original version. The way to fix this is to reinstall the reader software.

6. Flash is required only in IE 8 for using the eLearning tools used from the web applications.

7. In order to determine your connection speed to our server: you can run the following URL Ideally the speed test will be run several times to get an average. An average download value of 1 mbps should suffice. A DSL2 link may give speeds in excess of 10 mbps. A reasonable typical ICMP ping packet round-trip time is 240ms. You can also use the utility tracetcp ( to measure http packet performance.

8. A screen resolution 1024 X 768 or higher is recommended.

9. Sometimes a user’s profile may block certain web components and renders the web page in Internet Explorer with garbage. Try going to the Advanced Tab in Internet options and selecting reset and/or restore advance settings.

10. Microsoft Excel or equivalent: If you wish to generate reports in .csv or .xls format using reporting functionality within the Chemwatch applications, then you will need to install Micrsoft Excel. You can also use a Microsoft Excel equivalent.

11. Extra requirements:

Following are the functions which are not usually used by the majority of the general users. These are mainly used at academic or research facilities.

i) If you need to use the molecule drawing functionality from the Galleria web application then you will need to have JRE installed on your computer. This can be downloaded and installed from

ii) Cortona VRML Player is a third party tool that you will need to download and install if you want to display molecular structures. You will be prompted to download it from a URL if you try to view a molecular structure. You can download Cortona VRML Player from You can also use any other VRML player to serve the same purpose.

Upgrade Documents

GoldFFX User Manual

Three-Level Login – (Word Doc)

Client-Side Requirements – (Word Doc)

Training videos on the new interface