What We Do

We provide to the chemical management world, easy-to-use, cloud-based software tools and services. These cloud-based chemical management tools and services access the most extensive Chemical data that is available on the market today.

We have the World’s largest SDS database:

Over 23M Vendor SDSs with “active” data points

Over 300,000 Chemwatch-authored “Gold” SDSs with 450 “active” data points. Gold SDSs are an independent review of vendor SDS data by chemical scientists. We have Gold SDSs for all 150K+ “pures” (ie toluene, benzene, etc)

More than 250,000 independently researched and reviewed chemical (M)SDSs. Each ChemWatch Gold (M)SDS includes details not generally provided by manufacturers, and offers your company the ability to generate fully customizable reports on the various properties of the chemicals on your site or in each individual lab.

Gold SDS authored by Chemwatch


We have the World’s largest Chemicals Regulation Library:

Over 4800 regulatory databases from 89 countries organized into 5848 granulated lists

Contains over 897,000 substances organized into more than 6900 chemical families

We have the World’s largest GHS Classification database

With over 250,000 substances currently classified, our Chemists use our classification database to author approx. 2000 SDS/month for some of world’s largest companies, including Mars, Kraft and Pfizer

Your Chemical data is maintained by our global team of over 160 chemical scientists

Chemists, Toxicologists, Hygienists, Regulatory experts, OHS specialists, Physicians.

Chemical data is updated daily by our chemical scientists

Your Chemical data are “active” SDS data points, updated daily by chemical scientists, not just a flat file