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ChemWatch North America

ChemWatch North America has been serving clients in the US and Canada since 2001, providing access to the ChemWatch software tool for SDS Management, Labeling, Hazard Communication, Worker Safety, Chemical Regulatory Data, Risk Assessment, Chemical Classification, SDS Authoring, and more!  ChemWatch NA customers also receive personalized training on all of the ChemWatch modules and have a direct line to customer service here in the United States.

ChemWatch NA is supported by industry and chemical specialists in Melbourne, Australia, where ChemWatch UCORP has been providing chemical management solutions and services to the global chemicals safety marketplace for over 25 years, with offices in 21 countries.

Over 5,000 chemical manufacturers, users and suppliers worldwide use the ChemWatch products, data and services at more than 150,000 sites, including 6 of the top 20 Fortune 500 companies. The cloud-based software tools and professional services access the world’s largest Chemicals database containing over 30 Million Vendor SDSs with “active SDS data” covering over 100 countries and 47 languages.

The ChemWatch regulatory library contains over 4800 regulatory databases from 89 countries containing over 897,000 substances, with the regulatory content being updated daily.

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Since 1989 ChemWatch has been providing chemical management solutions and services to the global chemicals safety marketplace.

Global Presence:

Chemwatch UCORP is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and has offices which sell and support the ChemWatch products in 21 countries, including 3 offices in the United States.

ChemWatch customers include over 5000 global chemical manufacturers, users, and vendors of all sizes and across all industry groups.  ChemWatch products are used in industrial markets such as oil, gas, automotive, mining and aerospace.  ChemWatch is also used heavily in research and academia, and can be found in government departments, universities, hospitals, and national research laboratories.

Global Presence


Some of Our Customers

Colleges and Universities

Case Western Reserve University

Vanderbilt University and Medical Center



University of California

University of Delaware

Ohio State University

The University of Michigan

Johns Hopkins University

Miami University

University of Cincinnati

University of Rhode Island

Queens University (Canada)

University of Ottawa

Concordia University

Colgate University

Queens College

Lewis and Clark College

Vassar University

University of the Sciences

College of Southern Maryland

Central College

James Madison University

University of Regina

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Singapore Bio Research Center

Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute

Dublin University

Delft University (Holland)

Massey University (New Zealand)

Government and Private Labs







Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Antarctic Support Contract

US Drug Enforcement Administration


The Scripps Institute

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Australian Armed Forces

Japanese Coast Guard

Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

China National Chemical Registration Center

First Response

City of Orlando FL, and five surrounding counties

City of Chicago Fire Department

City of Philadelphia Fire Department

New York City Fire Department

Washington, DC Fire Department



Mars Snackfoods

Mars Petcare

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Holland America Cruise Lines



Hoffman LaRoche

EMD Millipore

EMD Performance Materials

Gilead Sciences

DSM Desotech

BDP Logistics

Ashland Chemicals

Drew Marine

GE Aerospace

Campbell Soups

Atlantic Pacific Foods

Uncle Ben’s Australia

Singapore Airlines

Clean Sea Terminal Korea Co. Ltd.



Petronas Chemicals

Halliburton Energy


Qatar Oil and Gas

BR Refineries